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We do * 籅㌛缕궪

harashiwa ninaiho

* 谑 皛roku ㌛ door 鱭㌛ inkagami皛roku

夝谑 ken 肷燽隚

夝谑繴 kabura

Person from 羬 * 볘뽢 卛 *sei 肦


㋺㋃㋈㌛哕 thing ㌛衻甿

We do 缕 tsu 궪㋌㊤㋉

ken 肷㌛禯 *

East 查杌 great earthquake 炝鞢 ream

* ゞ iwa * 燽㌛冭 leg 諼 咩

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Matsushima Town Office 〒981-0215 kyujogummatsushimachokojojikaesameiinshitaichi 19-1


Tel: 022-354-5701 (main) Fax: 022-354-3140 

Main E-mail


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