Tadahide Matsushima kokeshi doll

 chokushu kokeshi doll which veteran of 60 years made with kokeshi doll makes with handicraft carefully one by one. It is simple kokeshi doll that obedience of unique girl appears. Hairstyle draws chrysanthemum on hair ornament with bobbed hair like northeastern child, and design of a lot of camellias is described in Matsushima on trunk. Easy expression is impressive kokeshi doll.
Painting experience of kokeshi doll is popular, too.

[from manufacturer] 

 Shop has a lot of large and small kokeshi dolls.

 As you demonstrate, please come.

Spirit chopsticks

 We used strong, flexible a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo which grew up in Nemawari, Matsushima-machi district

It is handmade chopsticks. In warming the surface of bamboo, and pulling moisture and oil content

Hardness increases and becomes unique texture.

 In environment that does not use mold-proof materials including chemicals at all

It is easy chopsticks.


[from manufacturer]

 It is ecological bamboo chopstick of people and eco-friendly natural material.

 We make with handicraft carefully one by one.

Bamboo work set 

 A lot of bamboo grew to Matsushima from the old days and were used for cultured shelves of oyster.
Using local bamboo, inhabitants of Nemawari district work on ant and grasshopper, stag beetle, the making of bamboo work of insect including mantis, and experience-based classroom goes, too. Even child sells kit which beetle and crab can easily form.

[from manufacturer]
Bamboo is the earth and eco-friendly ultimate eco-resource.

 Evolving bamboo work is motto.


Acorn strap

 Person of words Songi Aoki is from Matsushima Town "acorn nursery rhyme around".

It is strap made using high quality bamboo of Matsushima that has been used for culture of oysters shelf.