Matsushima tomato

 Matsushima tomatoha, acidity and balance of sweetness made with rock wool cultivation method that made full use of state-of-the-art of high technology are neat taste with exquisiteness.
As skin and flesh are solid very much even if we ripen fully, it features that storable duration is good. "Momotaro eight" is fresh and young, and kind is refreshed.

From producer
As there are few smells peculiar to tomato, it is easy to eat!

 Environmental Conservation rice

 Farmhouse of Matsushima Town reduced pesticides and chemical fertilizer as much as possible and thought about health of consumers, and Environmental Conservation rice which we brought up carefully was born.
As for Environmental Conservation rice, "megono dance" named "people overcharge" "dance of the Japanese alphabet" with "Sasanishiki" for "Princess Gorouhachi" (the Japanese alphabet) born in Matsushima Town among Masamune Date fairness room "love (mego) princess" and Prince Masamune and Princess love with connection. This rice is provided for meal at the accommodations in the town block.
It is rice which local farmhouse lavishes great care heartily in land where loach yatagamenadogairu is full of nature and brought up.

 Getting out aging storehouse miso 

 Miso using soybean "Miyagishi Lome" and rice cleaning Hitomebore rice ricemalt of Matsushima Town product is salt 12. It is 5% and reserve. We are made in consideration for health of consumers without using preservatives and are mellow taste.
It is authorized as special product which makes use of good local farm products as the certification food of Miyagi, and is made with feelings by local culture and technique.

 Special approval pickled plum 

 It is handmade pickled plum which soaked high quality plum (WHT Kaga) produced in Matsushima Town only using red shiso and salt.
As food additive does not use at all, you can eat in peace.
It is Miyagi certification food.

 Pine Yuki Noshiro tofu 

 It is homemade tofu which does not have trouble which we select carefully and use good-quality soybean of soybean "Miyagishi Lome" from Matsushima and made.
As we do not use preservatives, we can eat in peace. It is 550 g that is slightly bigger than common tofu, but taste of beans spreads in mouth when we eat and is taste to want to eat again.

 Cherry tree egg, maple egg 

 To bait to select quality of egg as, own house combines nature feed with oyster husk from Matsushima or raw rice bran, corn, garlic from Miyagi.
Sweetness is to egg yolk and can eat deliciously raw as there is not fishy smell. In addition, the freshness lasts a long time as husk is strong.


Plum ponzu vinegar

 "Plum ponzu vinegar" which pickled Ome that we harvested at Shizukuishi farm in the town block in this brewing soy sauce, and extracted extract of plum. We run on Mizutaki and Yudofu, grilled fish and are usable deliciously.


Rice senbei

 Senbei of rice using Sasanishiki of Environmental Conservation rice from Matsushima. We were particular about the subject matter and were made. It is fragrant rice cracker which finished freshly cooked rice as circle grain.