Oyster (oyster)

 Oyster from Matsushima that taste was condensed although being small is very nutritious.

 It is oyster excellent at the freshness that we just landed.

 You quit raw and quit with fried food and quit with pan, and please enjoy the sky purademoyoshino matsushimasan oyster.

(from October to March sale)


Conger eel



 Conger eel of Matsushima Bay with high evaluation in Tsuiji, Tokyo market.

 It is fatty, and taste is strong and is the softness that melts away when we can enter entrance.

 Please enjoy in kabayaki, tempura, unglazed pottery.

(from April to October sale) 


Fried goby

 Fried goby which is indispensable as soup stock of zoni around Matsushima. Fried goby is one article that is indispensable to soup stock of zoni around Matsushima. We finished grilled reddish yellow by charcoal fire for about one hour and dried goby which we just fetched from Matsushima Bay.
It is limited product in year from December.


[from producer]
Please try plain goby soup stock and taste of New Year holidays of traditional Matsushima with full of vegetables!



 Seaweed "dirt sargasso" and udon using 100% of domestic wheat flour which were produced in Matsushima Bay.
It is strong udon of waist that it was said that it is chewy which kneaded powder of "dirt sargasso" which is good for fukoidan and polyphenol-rich beauty and health into udon.  It is udon which was born in collaboration with noodle making technology of Shiroishi-shi, Miyagi with tradition of 300 years.