We display life-sized wax figure more than 200 and we divide hero who lived for the world of war, life of eventfulness of Prince Masamune into 25 scenes and reproduce in now.
Force that statue of Masamune of riding on horseback seems to start running the most at any moment.
In "Michinoku great man hall" to add, we display wax figure of 43 great men whom Shiko Munakata, Kenji Miyazawa, northeastern prefecture including Hideyo Noguchi produced.

We have Prince Masamune Date goods abundantly and are quite popular led by young woman. Armor dressing experience of Prince Masamune Date is possible by advance reservations.

■Rate: 1000 yen for adults/primary, middle and high schools straight 500 yen (dantaiwarihikiyu)
■Business hours: From 9:00 to 17:00

     (until 30 minutes before admission closing at the last)
■Phone number 022-354-4131
■Official homepage