Dendrobium monile kraenzl (sekkoku)

Flower that pretty blooming in Matsushima is Dendrobium monile kraenzl.
Dendrobium monile kraenzl is got close to by nickname of "Gyrophora esculenta" from ancient times a little around Matsushima by form of leaf similar to bamboo.
Flowering time of flower is the late May and early June and makes pink flower bloom.
However, Dendrobium monile kraenzl is endangered now and gathers original stock of Dendrobium monile kraenzl which we get approval of Zuiganji in town and adhere to branch of aged cedar of the precincts for the purpose of saving kind. We establish biotechnological cultivation facility.

Cherry blossoms

We can taste fantastic cherry blossom viewing that, besides, is unique that scenery of Matsushima Bay was united with cherry blossoms from pine park observation deck of westing return in hinterland of Matsuhimakaigan.
■The best time to see: The end of April

Colored leaves of Oogiya

Famous spots of colored leaves include Oogiya to the people in the know.
When a certain maple is autumn near observation deck, we direct resulting in, sense of the seasons full of nature in cinnabar red all at once.
In addition, Kanran-tei, Tenrinin are got close to as famous spot of colored leaves.
■The best time to see: The beginning of November

Resting dragon plum (garyubai)

Pink plum in the Zuiganji precincts is plum of Prince Masamune Date connection.
There is another name of "resting dragon gregariousness" by blooming in double.


In Nemawari district, we can thoroughly enjoy about 20,000 sunflowers which bloomed in idle farm of about 1.2 hectares.
In addition, "sunflower Festival of the circumference is held right?" in around September, walk in sunflower pile up, and can enjoy tori rio.


It is in opposite side of Sanseido, and (evergreen large tree of Cupressaceae) is estimated with about 1,000 years years old.
At 1.8m, 3m in height, as for the spread, East-West directions achieve 7.6m, the north and south direction to 9m, and people of trunk are said to be the ibukibyakushintoshiteha prefecture's best size.
■The best time to see: The beginning of May