Sanseido, Hiyokuzuka, Nokiba no ume 

In the Kamakura era, Tokiyori Hojo dispatches vassal, hachitanibinoshu for the Madoka Matsushima fortune temple (Zuiganji) protection. Descendant was aboriginal in Matsushima.
And after praying Kannon because descendant, Hachiya Kamon (thing) was not blessed with children, boy was born before long and, as for the name, was named small Taro.
Small Taro planted Wakagi of plum in Kannondo and loved deeply.
We became close to merchant of Kisakata where 15-year-old spring, father gave up Ise, and small Taro traveled together and promised marriage with daughter of small Taro and merchant.
However, father who returned home knows that small Taro died of an illness.
Kamon told reason to daughter of merchant while crying, but daughter made filial devotion for personality, Mr. and Mrs. Kamon of Matsushima.
Daughter took down hair later and changed the name to flaming red.
Ume tree which small Taro loved is Nokiba no ume, and monument, Hiyokuzuka of flaming red nun and small Taro is built to daughter.
Because Hachiya protected the Kannon Buddha, zuiiwaohyakuichihokumo assumed the Kannon principal idol and erected Sanseido which posted Prince sedge to Dharma, the right to the left afterwards.
●It is a 5-minute walk from Matsushima-Kaigan Station