It is said that Shimauchi had 108 caves in the old days, and the trace remains about 50 now.
Wall where some traces which engraved stupa remain in cave is founded and tells about having worked hard at ascetic practices while monk practicing asceticism and others at the time hear sound of the waves.
From island covered by green pine, we can look around the shore whole area or five components Dojima appearing in gulf, twins Island, Fukuura island.
When we turn left at the way across bridge and pass through short tunnel, there are cliff with cave and level ground only of only in every direction.
Saw here, and French holy priest read through 60,000 copies of Lotus sutra religions; saw, and, with trace of Buddhist temple, was said with Okuno-in Temple.
Trees grew thick thickly, and it was dark place even now, but haikabakarimo would be desolate place in the old days.
See; French holy priest here of 12 years when think of having lived while is long, there is thing which reminds me when way of ascetic practices was extraordinary.
■It is a 3-minute walk from Matsushima-Kaigan Station


Image of Buddha inscribed on the polished cliff 


Stone tablet with a Buddhist text 




Rokujizo that was carved in cave