In this building, it is reported that we moved thing which we removed and rebuilt to residence of a lord of Edo Shinagawa with one of Fushimimomoyama castle which Masamune Date received to this ground without nidaihanshuchushu turning one koku of Ichiki by the end of Bunroku year by Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
Take fatigue of trip leisurely now as you offer Matcha in Kanran-tei.

■Viewing charges
200 yen high of adults, university student 150 yen small, junior high student 100 yen
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150 yen high of adults, university student 100 yen small, junior high student 80 yen

■Matcha and set of Sweets

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■It is a 4-minute walk from Matsushima-Kaigan Station



Building is building which is kansomeikai which consists of two direction 18-Kyoto-size-tatami, and surrounded east and west with every direction border.
Pasting picture and fusuma picture of tokonoma are drawn with grand full color, and, seeing from roof having there being between Kyoto of 5 sun of interval between pillars one ken 6 shakus, light beginning, it is thought that it is building in Momoyama era.
It was also called "viewing the moon palace" as enjoying the cool breeze of feudal lord, bower of moon-viewing, but, according to the record that was official, was used as facility for Matsushima sight-seeing such as feudal lord, princess, concubine, accommodation in case of the countries patrol of makufumegurikenshito and reception and "Kariya" that it was.
Room, kitchen of samurai in attendance upon feudal lords, more than 11 buildings including stable exist in this site until the end of the Edo era, and even our country is valuable building with thing that part exists as for the Kanran-tei in that.


During Goza


They are between guests of honor such as feudal lords and stick gold leaf on tokonoma, sliding paper-door, shoji wood paneling, and forest tree flower and figure of mountain stream are seen with memento of illustrator of Kano group system of the Dates reveal mainly on hinoki and maki, small bamboo drawn with full color from the composition method, coloring.
Sum of "all-weather beautiful scenery" of tokonoma is phrase that we adopted from poetry of shijinsohizatsuki of Soong by brush of Prince feudal lord Yoshimura for five generations.
In having given an order for this bower with "Kanran-tei", as for the sum of corridor, two characters of "kan*" hung in ranma with adjoining room by brush of calligrapher Genryu Sasaki who is in the middle of the Edo era depend on Prince feudal lord Shigemura in Prince Yoshimura for seven generations.


Acorn rolling monument inscribed with a tanka poem


We remembered young day in Matsushima in the Taisho year during the Ministry of Education holding the post, and Mr. Songi Aoki from Matsushima Town was written a song of "acorn nursery rhyme around".
Monument inscribed with a tanka poem is in Kanran-tei site.


Matsushima Museum




It is exhibited collection to life article of samurai in the Middle Ages by solid model, arms, accessories, cosmetics of Matsushima that we saw from unique daimyo's outfit which stacked figure for show on Edo culture, 1 per 5,000 correct sky.
(there is cultural property which does not exhibit display spare niyori)