Cemetery (prefectural important cultural property) of Mitsumune that Entsuuin in the west side of Zuiganji is the second son of itatsukanidaihanshuchushu.
As Mitsumune grew in bumburyodo, it is afraid that benevolent lord appears from daimyo who was not a hereditary vassal of the shogun by the Shogunate which it was cautious of, and it is established theory that was poisoned.
Mausoleum (Misato) which mourns over the death, and was erected is strong in influence of Western civilization that Tsunenaga Hasekura conveyed from Europe, and picture of the Japanese West rose said to be oldest is described in the inside of the right door of Buddhist altar (zushi).
As this picture uses copper green rust or coral for the ground of gold leaf using WHT, red, the green three degrees of perception, it does not change color forever.
What Entsuuin is nickname of rose temple, and was got close to is because the Akimichi Amano chief priest who got hint on rose of door plants colorful rose in 6,000 square meters of in-hospital whole area and opened to the public.
■It is a 5-minute walk from Matsushima-Kaigan Station
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